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Product focus: Starburst Table Mk2

Product focus: Starburst Table Mk2

Earlier this month we had a Starburst Table Mk 2 come through the production process in the workshop. It’s one of those designs that stops anyone walking past it, like a weird gravity field, pulling them toward it to look deeply into the beautiful pattern of the surface. The Starburst Table Mk2 is a striking and unique design that features Maxi Edge plywood arrayed into a star pattern to form the compelling and unusual tabletop. The effect is quite dynamic for a static object, full of movement and energy yet solid and assertive.

It's also a fine example of the marriage of the organic and constructed. The natural timber feel sitting comfortably with the crisp metal base. The geometric sharpness of the design also balanced by the circular shape that encourages communal engagement across the captivating surface. The perfect setting for family dinners or social connections.

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