Product focus: Clip Open Stack

Clip Open Stack

With a focus on one of of our key objectives - waste-minimisation - our product feature this month is the Clip Open Stack. Long-term Butter member Arron Light devised the Open Stack in 2014 as a clever solution to use every last bit of material that came off the old table-saw. Tweaking the concept further in 2021, he updated the Open Stack to clip together quickly and stack up neatly with registration pins.

A simple individual unit is a great little home for books by your bed, with a pot plant or lamp sitting on top. Or stack together multiples into neat, stable configurations. You can re-stack in seconds – to fit into a nook, an expansive gallery or divide a space. Configure shapes like honeycombs, with horizontal and vertical orientation. The humble Stack is fun and versatile. At just over 270mm deep it is unobtrusive even in the smallest of spaces.

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