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LB will be closed from 17 Dec 2020 until 11 Jan 2021. Orders placed during this period will be dispatched on our return. Like Butter will be closed from 17 December 2020 until 11 January 2021. Orders placed during this period will be dispatched / can be picked up on our return.

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    Welcome to ButterLabs

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    Introducing our collaborative design relationship with Jonik.

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    Working from home

    Working from home

    Go from working from home, to your home working for you. High quality materials you'll enjoy every time you sit, or stand, at your desk.

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    Welcome to LB 2021

    Welcome to LB 2021

    This website is literally only a few days old, we appreciate your patience with any bugs and if you have any issues please let us know. We hope you enjoy the new look! Thanks so much, Jem and all the Butters.