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For the Planet

We believe that our role in the manufacturing industry is important.

What we a doing:

  • Solar powered operations, 33kw rooftop solar system with 100% carbon offset power for any remaining supply.
  • FSC Timber Certifications on all timber products used.
  • Australian made steel - with the exception of the Luncheon Stools which needs to be of a certain high-grade for the CNC wire bending machines.
  • 1% of all income donated to Australian tree planting operations under Sawdust Bureau's Treemaker initiative: ~$600-800 per month.

What we are trying to do better:

  • Waste reduction - minimising the off-cuts and reusing otherwise wasted materials wherever possible.
  • Onsite composting of all sawdust product
  • Communicating waste reduction strategies to clients to help reduce waste on custom jobs.
  • Use more locally produced plywood product.