Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️ Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️

For the Planet

As part of the manufacturing industry we believe we have a role to play in contributing to its character. Care is what guides us and we look to apply notions of care right across our operations – from our approach to design, to our choice of materials and energy sources, to the broader journey of when something comes into our possession until after it goes on to a new life or discarded as waste. This commitment to care is a value that guides our intentions and actions. 

We see our place within a community of clients, customers, staff, suppliers, materials, and environmental and industrial settings. Our care for each ensures we care for all. We believe this delivers the very best outcome for our efforts. 

What we are doing:

  • Powering our factory with sunshine: our 33kWh rooftop solar system powers our workshop and its machinery, and we offset any remaining supply we need with certified 100% carbon offset.
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Timber Certifications on all timber products used.
  • We donate 1% of all our income to Australian tree planting operations under Sawdust Bureau's Treemaker initiative: ~$600-800 per month.
  • 4 Day Week: we operate the business on a 4 day week to reduce the default bias towards consumption and increase the life/work balance of our staff.
  • Australian-made steel for all products: with the only exception being Luncheon Stools which use a high-grade of French-milled steel suitable for CNC wire bending machines.

What we are trying to do better:

  • Composting onsite: turning ‘waste’ into viable compost (read more about our plywood composting).
  • Reducing waste: minimising off-cuts, reusing materials wherever possible, donating odd-shaped timbers to local organisations that can use them, and improving our packaging materials and processes.
  • Communicating waste reduction strategies to clients to reduce waste on custom jobs.
  • Using more locally produced plywood product.
  • Greening our own immediate environment at the site around the workshop.