The Shelves

Our best-selling shelving system designed by co-founder Laura Woodward in 2009. The tool-free assembly allows you to set up and move your shelves in minutes, not hours. Made from premium furniture-grade plywood, our shelves are built to last and will provide you with the durability and stability you need to store and display your favourite belongings.

Custom set of The Shelves in black Birch ply


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Frequently asked questions

Whilst we haven't performed any formal testing we have used them ourselves for over 10 years and have had them so overflowing with books that we are confident in their weight bearing capacity.

The standard layouts have fixed slot positions to maximise the number of books you can store. But yes, we can customise the layout of The Shelves for you whether it be a simple change in shelf spacing or making you a custom set to fill a room. Submit a quote request below for a customised solution.

It really depends on the product, what you are going to use it for and your personal preference. 

We recommend choosing the sealed options for the following reasons:

- Unsealed plywood is more susceptible to moisture and staining, especially in high-moisture areas such as kitchens or bathrooms
- Sealed plywood is easier to clean
- Sealing the edges and surface offers an extra layer of protection for the plywood and will extend the life of your product
- Sealing can help prevent discolouration over time and can enhance the material giving it a more aesthetic look

To keep costs down, some of our products are available unsealed as raw, sanded timber. In some applications, no further finishing is required, particularly if you are comfortable with cleaning any marks with some fine sandpaper (180 grit). 

Yes, they come with a Wall Mounting Kit and we recommend having an appropriately accredited tradesperson fix The Shelves to a wall using suitable fixing devices to prevent them from tipping over.

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