Welcome to KittaParts, the ultimate modular shelving system for your home or office. Our durable timber shelves can be easily assembled and reconfigured to meet your changing storage needs. Order now and see for yourself just how easy it is to create the perfect shelving solution for your space.

Shapes to start with...

Choose from 12 new starter kits to transform your space and evolve as life changes.

And upsize ...

Add new parts to your system at any time with our range of individually available accessories.

Features and Benefits

KittaParts offers a modular design that allows you to easily customise and configure the shelves to fit the specific needs and requirements of your space.

KittaParts’ modular design provides flexibility in terms of placement, size, and configuration, making it adaptable to different spaces and design schemes.

Made from high-quality plywood and locally sourced Australian timber, KittaParts is a durable and long-lasting product that can withstand heavy use and many reconfigurations, making it ideal for the home that (we know!) gets hectic at times.

KittaParts is an environmentally friendly option, with locally sourced timber and a modular design that promotes sustainability by reducing waste. Our low-carbon, solar powered workshop also ensures that KittaParts is produced in an eco-friendly manner, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritise sustainable practices.

KittaParts is easy to assemble, making it a practical and efficient option for anyone who needs to quickly and easily install shelving units in their space (our four year old loved helping put ours together.)

Because each KittaParts configuration is unique, users can create a personalised and distinctive shelving system that reflects their individual style and the unique needs of their space.

The modular design and scalability of KittaParts make it a cost-effective option, allowing you to easily add or remove shelves without having to replace furniture when your needs change.

Need it custom?

KittaParts is ultra-flexible already, but if you need a custom solution tailored just for you, then please submit a quote form. One of our team members will respond ASAP and help guide you through the process of commissioning your one-of-a-kind KittaParts!