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Make your home work

Make your home work

A key feature of our times is the rapid uptake and acceptance of working from home – whether enforced through lockdowns or driven by a desire for a better work/life balance. Indeed, the lockdowns made it clear that many of us can work from home and many of us would like to do it more regularly. Even before the pandemic, the changing nature of work and improving technologies created a situation where more than a third of jobs have aspects that can be done at home. Government think tanks are analysing this trend and businesses are adapting at a rate of knots.^

If you are settling into a new work from home situation, perhaps you’ve arranged with the boss for a hybrid week of some office and some home days, or you’ve transitioned to new work that allows you to work from home, then setting up your space for form and function is important from the beginning. Setting it up with some thought to enjoyment and pleasure is just as fundamental for productivity, as well as the obvious wellbeing benefits.

Important aspects to consider are design, feel (literally, tactile touch), sustainability and functionality. As with all of our products, our desks are conceived and created with care and consideration for all of these categories. And as you’ll be living with your work space, not just leaving it behind at the end of the day, aesthetic appeal is part of the equation.

Whether it’s flexibility you need, like varying heights, or its strength and stability across a wide workable surface, Like Butter has an option for you. At the heart of what we do is our desire to work with timber, which offers variation and strength.  With its attractive woodgrain surfaces – from birds eye to organic wavy lines – timber triggers a natural response in us. We are biologically geared to enjoy being close to nature and natural things. Thisbiophilia, as it’s called, means we feel better when surrounded by plants and timber, or even the sound of running water. The subtle and constant reminder of trees and forests that comes from seeing woodgrain and touching the surface of timber while you work, imbues a sense of calm and connection to the broader world. Perhaps even more significant when much of our work is undertaken in digital realms. 

Our Standing Desk is cut from a single piece of quality plywood, minimising waste and maximising functionality. Adjustable to various heights between 1030mm to 1534mm, it is suitable for the short and tall alike. It can be disassembled and reassembled easily if you need to move it between rooms as part of a hybrid working week.


Combining the classic and the contemporary, the Studio Desk, made under licence from OpenStudio, is part of the new download-and-make processes entering the design and manufacturing world, improving carbon footprint by reducing transport. Compact and crisp, but able to be paired with one or more desks for shared working, the desk houses discrete cable-storage to keep everything looking neat and sharp.

Opendesk Studio Desk

The Field Desk is a robust and heavy-duty affair with a touch of distinction and flair. Perfect for those with more open space and the need to spread out working papers or draft up drawings and designs. Moveable if needed to be pushed aside after work and with a base available in a variety of colour coatings, the Field Desk is strong and durable.

Field Desk in birch ply with a black powder coated steel frame


Bringing together engineering and aesthetics, the Table Mk2’s design is tough and crisp. It features a torsion-box construction that amplifies the striations of plywood sheets for visual appeal while securing structural integrity for strength. A minimalist aesthetic is achieved by clean, sharp lines and a solid steel legs without need of further substructure to obscure sight or bump your knees on. Makes an ideal working surface by day and elegant dining table by night.

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