Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

We believe that our role in the manufacturing industry is important. Our actions and the intentions of our work are meaningful, and to that end we strive to be ethically sound in all that we do. As a result of a series of decisions around processes, assets and equipment we are delighted to have moved Like Butter to a position of carbon neutrality. Read the report here.

Greenfleet logoIn March 2020, we installed a 33kW solar system to reduce our carbon emissions by about 37 tonnes each year. In 2020, we also added 100% green, grid-supplied electricity through our energy retailer, and we trialled the composting of wood shavings, testing samples for safe use in domestic settings. Offsetting of carbon emissions has also been implemented through Greenfleet with the donation of 1% of all sales going towards tree planting and native habitat regeneration.

The outcome of these decisions is that we have actually overshot neutrality in the 2020 year and achieved a carbon deficit position, offsetting more carbon than we produce.

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