Whoop Hoop

Standing desk

We are pleased to add a new line of plywood – Hoop Pine – from sustainably managed forest resources in Queensland, via AustralPly. Hoop Pine is native to Australia, with a light-coloured, whitish tone. The grain runs straighter than Radiata pine and the texture of the timber finer. Introducing this to our product line improves our ecological footprint by dramatically reducing the impact of transporting materials from their source. It also brings a nice aesthetic quality to the products we manufacture with added choice across the range.

You’ll start to see Hoop Pine being used in our desk designs first, before being rolled out across shelving and crates later this year. 

The plantation from which we source this material is independently certified to the Responsible Wood (RW) system. This certification recognises the supplier as a leading environmental agency and premier forest management organisation.

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