MPavillion Collaboration

MPavillion Collaboration

Part of the Like Butter ethos is collaboration – whether among ourselves as a team of contributors, with our clients in customised designs, or with other designers and makers we admire. An exciting project we get to share in January is a special commission for MPavilion in Melbourne. Together with architect Hannes McNamara from MUSK Architecture Studio we have developed The Zorro Chair.

Designed to be an interactive and playful object appealing to all ages, the Zorro Chair reflects and directs light to warp and extend our sense of space. Notions of play and connection between people and object may very well be a reflection itself on the creative fun first shared between Jem (Like Butter) and Hannes (MUSK) when they met as little kids at primary school. 

Sensitive to its place within the canopy structure of the MAP studio pavilion, The Zorro Chair acts like a periscope when stacked in different ways, manipulating perceptions of depth, height and direction while foregrounding interactivity and performativity for visitors.

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