Made in our 33kW solar powered workshop!

The Shelves 3UR

Material: Hoop Ply
Finish: Raw

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The Shelves. This is our classic, versatile, repeatable flat-pack shelving system that works in home, office or retail spaces. Choose the size that best suits your space – or the scale of your book collection! The sizes start with the "2 UpRight", the number corresponding to the number of vertical pieces in the unit.

The Shelves are designed to pack down when you need to move them, no tools or fasteners required – just a simple, super-strong, slotted design. Designed by Laura in 2009 when her growing book library needed a home that could be easily packed down and moved between rentals. Needless to say, the Shelves are optimised to house as many novels, DVDs and large art books as possible.

Planning a new space or renovation? Have a play with the material options available here, and we will build the model you select and ship it to you quick smart.


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