Our KittaParts in Birch Ply are in stock and ready to ship/collect in 6 days or less. Our KittaParts in Birch Ply are in stock and ready to ship/collect in 6 days or less.

CNC Routing Service

You can cut Like Butter too.

Are you looking at cutting some timbers of your own design?
We offer a professional CNC routing service in a range of materials for other designers, makers, manufacturers and domestic clients.

How it works

Materials include plywood, solid timber, acrylic, engineering plastics, aluminium and many more. Our minimum fee is $180. This includes setup, programming and GST and excludes materials.

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Tech details

  •  Typical machine setup: 2440x1220mm with vacuum hold down bed.
  •  Maximum machine travel: 2751x1590x90mm (XYZ)
  •  Fixed 3-Jaw lathe chuck with 65mm through-hole.
  •  Fixture plate 500x250mm with M8 threaded holes at 50mm centres.

Preferred file formats

  • Fusion 360 for models and profile cutting.
  • Rhino 5 for models and profile cutting.
  • .DXF and .DWG for profile cutting.
  • .STEP for models.
  • .AI for profile cutting, please ensure geometry is a single outline vector.
Like Butter CNC Routing Curve
Shown here is a job we did for a previous client in Radiata Plywood.

If providing nested sheets, please supply them within a single file. Separate layers for each machine operation type is preferred but not essential. We can draw up and program files as per your specifications, a dimensioned sketch is often enough for simple jobs.

Tooling guide:

  • For most panel work in 9-30mm stock we use a 9.5mm diameter compression cutter with 11mm part spacing and 3mm margin.
  • The smallest cutter that can through-cut 18mm stock is 4mm diameter.
  • Most Opendesk products are cut with an 8mm dia compression cutter. 12-24mm thick stock.
  • 6mm stock we commonly use 4-6mm diameter cutters.
  • Max stock thickness for engraving ~80mm.
  • Max stock thickness for through cutting 50-60mm.
  • Aluminium 1-12mm we commonly use a 6.35mm dia cutter.
  • Acrylic 3-12mm we use a 4.76mm dia cutter.

Like Butter Curved Ply CNC Routing Detail

We can help you develop your design.

Submitting a quote

In order for us to quote your custom jobs quickly, please complete the form below. One of our team members will respond ASAP and help guide you through the process of working with you on your CNC job.

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Some things to consider:

Deciding on a budget is tricky and we completely understand! All we can say is, it's incredibly helpful if you can have at least a rough budget ready to discuss with us. This can save a great deal of time and help us design and specify a result that is more likely to succeed, and fit your purpose.

If you have no experience commissioning custom furniture and really don't know where to start with budget, or design... that's absolutely fine, we can help you determine a starting range.

One thing that can help, is looking through the prices of some of our standard products, determining a budget base-point. From there, assume that custom stuff will always be a bit more, because of the design time and the simple fact that making one-off pieces is more time-consuming than product we can repeat a process for.

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