Our KittaParts in Birch Ply are in stock and ready to ship/collect in 6 days or less. Our KittaParts in Birch Ply are in stock and ready to ship/collect in 6 days or less.



KittaParts is a truly modular shelving system. This threaded timber shelving system, developed by Jem Selig Freeman over the last 12 months, is completely modular, adaptable and reconfigurable. Each KittaParts set comprises three sizes of threaded timber dowels and two shelf sizes, allowing you to quickly build numerous configurations and play with what works best for your space and the objects you wish to display.

“A really wonderful solution that shows great skill in every aspect of the product, including both design and manufacture, but most importantly the thinking of how this idea can add to the lives of those who use it, and not just a gimmick through its use of technology and construction.”

Nick Rennie, Judge - The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards 2021.

KittaParts was developed with our increasing interest in producing “heirloom flat-packs” – furniture product systems that use contemporary technology to create heirloom-quality outcomes whilst maintaining the benefits of flat-pack design. The KittaParts system can be adapted infinitely to the users’ changing living spaces and locations.

Dimensions listed are for the configuration pictured in the main image but many configurations are possible with this 80 piece kit.

Designer: Jem Selig Freeman. The KittaParts was designed and prototyped in our workshop in Castlemaine, Central Victoria. See the design in 3D.

Materials - Shelves

Clear Birch Ply: 18mm Birch Plywood sealed in a hardwearing, water-based clear coat

Black/White/Yellow Birch Ply: 18mm Birch Plywood with a melamine film, exposed edges sealed in a natural oil*

Note that the Black/White/Yellow Birch Ply often has some minor surface imperfections that are aesthetic only and do not affect the performance of the material.

Materials - Dowels

35mm Tasmanian Oak dowel, sealed in a natural oil


Variable - main example: 1570x1421x390mm (WxHxD)
Vertical spaces between shelves are 136mm, 290mm, 444mm
The shelves are 1080mm and 590mm long

Special features

Flat pack makes it easy to move between rooms or to move house. It takes around 20 minutes for one person to assemble.


Made in our Castlemaine workshop by our small team, with the finest quality materials.

We recommend having an appropriately accredited tradesperson fix the KittaParts to a wall using suitable fixing devices to prevent them from tipping over.