Business Goals

We are an ambitious enterprise. Always working to improve what we do and to develop new ways of working, new products and better service. We want to produce the best possible furniture options for you and make the process interesting and innovative for our team in the workshop. All while attending to the consequences of what we do and the impact we have on the environment.

Our focus areas are:

  • Making products that last longer. Furniture that is multi-generational, used and re-used as you move home or office or passed on to friends and family.
  • Practising continuous improvement throughout the business, whether technical efficiencies of machinery or communication with clients or employment conditions for staff.
  • Demonstrating solar powered manufacturing.
  • Zero waste. Establishing this long-term goal sets our sights to the horizon as we move step by step toward a true and complete impact neutrality.
  • Removing single-use plastics from our processes.
  • Composting and decontaminating all organic waste, sawdust, by-products.