Our KittaParts in Birch Ply are in stock and ready to ship/collect in 6 days or less. Our KittaParts in Birch Ply are in stock and ready to ship/collect in 6 days or less.

Table Mk2


Table Mk2 was born from a bespoke client brief for a sturdy and affordable plywood made from high-end materials. Thin but strong sheets of high-grade plywood are machined and glued to form a hollow torsion-box construction which offers high structural integrity and excellent material efficiency in a unit that is still light enough to handle. Welded steel legs bolt directly to the table-top’s underside, and there are no aprons or substructure to knock your knees on. This minimal aesthetic means that Table Mk2 looks at home anywhere from a country kitchen to a warehouse office.

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Designer: Jem Selig Freeman. The first version was designed and prototyped in our previous workshop in Kensington, Melbourne. See the design in 3D.

The lead time allows sufficient time to ensure that the Osmo Oil is fully cured before delivery, helping the silky finish to last a long time under normal use.


  • Birch Plywood sealed with our favourite Osmo Polyx-Oil in your choice of three colours
  • Powder coated steel legs


  • 1450x750x720mm (WxDxH)
  • 1800x800x720mm (WxDxH)
  • 2350x1150x720mm (WxDxH)

The Table Mk2 can also be customised to suit your requirements, with a maximum size of 2350x1150mm – please contact us if you require a custom quote.

Special features

The Birch plywood top is made using torsion-box construction. The powder coated steel legs are custom-made in our Castlemaine factory and coated locally by our partner, Colour Coating Industries in Preston, in small batches to match the number of orders we have at any time.

Available with cable management details upon request. We deliver the Table Mk2 with the legs detached to reduce volume and shipping emissions. It takes about 5 minutes to bolt the legs on with the supplied bolts and tool and you are on your way!

Made in our Castlemaine workshop by our small team, with the finest quality materials.