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KittaParts (Clear Birch Ply) in stock and ready for dispatch. KittaParts (Clear Birch Ply) in stock and ready for dispatch.

Pigeon Holes Full Serve

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DISCONTINUED PRODUCT. Ex-display stock, one only.

Pick up from Kensington only.

Pigeon Holes, you say? A large collection of little nooks, great for tucking tiny things in to keep them tidy. Or for displaying items you want on show.

Each nook is no bigger than 15cm – about half-a-ruler square (except for the 3 oversize ones).

Please email if you require shipping/delivery.

Designer: Laura Woodward and Arron Light. The first Pigeon Holes were designed and prototyped in our previous workshop in Kensington, Melbourne.

Made from offcuts of 12mm BC Radiata plywood in a raw, sanded finish.

Full serve: 1970x813x160mm (WxHxD)
Internal dimensions of holes: 160x100x148mm deep and 160x213x148mm deep

Special features
Pigeon Holes are made from offcuts, helping us work towards our aspiration of zero waste. They can be used both vertically or horizontally and come with split batten hardware for wall mounting, so you can try different orientations and positions if you need to move them around.

Made in our Castlemaine workshop by our small team, with the finest quality materials.