Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️ Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️

Mobile Pegboard Divider

The Mobile Pegboard Divider scoots around happily on 4 heavy-duty castors and comes with a set of handy pegs and shelves. That means you can display items and also use it as a partition to break up a larger space or form a visual screen within a smaller space. The Divider stands tall at almost 2 meters, so you’ll find it provides a good level of visual screening.

The Mobile Pegboard Divider builds on our Flatpack Pegboard Set, by adapting our classic design into this mobile version that you can easily move around and then lock in place when you need to secure it.

All our Pegboards are offered in a range of finishes and include 10 Tassie Oak dowel pegs and 4 shelves. You can also hang clothes or other odds and ends right onto the dowel pegs to let them drape down on display. Easy.

Designer: Jem Selig Freeman. The Mobile Pegboard Divider was designed and prototyped in our previous workshop in Kensington, Melbourne. See the design in 3D.

Typical lead time: Stocked item.


  • Radiata Ply: 18mm Radiata Plywood, raw sanded finish
  • Birch Ply: 18mm Birch Plywood, raw sanded finish
  • Black/White Birch Ply: 18mm Birch Plywood with a melamine film, raw edges*

*Note that the Black/White Birch Ply often has some minor surface imperfections that are aesthetic only and do not affect the performance of the material.


786x600x1900mm (WxDxH)

Special features

Rounded corners make for less unfriendly bumps. Ships as a flat-pack with a 4mm Allen key, and takes around 5 minutes for one person to put together.

What weight can the pegboard hold?

The pegboard has not been weight tested however the pegs are very strong and can comfortably hold 10kg each. You will need to consider weight distribution to ensure that the panel is stable and won’t tip over.

Made in our Castlemaine workshop by our small team, with the finest quality materials.