Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️ Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️

How to KittaParts

Congratulations on your purchase of our award-winning KittaParts.

KittaParts is a truly modular shelving system. This threaded timber shelving system, developed by Jem Selig Freeman, is completely modular, adaptable and reconfigurable. Each KittaParts set comprises three sizes of threaded timber dowels and two shelf sizes, allowing you to quickly build numerous configurations and play with what works best for your space and the objects you wish to display.

What's in the box?

  • 4x Short Shelf
  • 5x Medium Shelf
  • 32x Dowel Short
  • 16x Dowel Medium
  • 2x Dowel Long
  • 10x Adjustable Feet
  • 12x Top Cap
  • 1x Kitta Spanner
  • 1x Thread Balm
  • 1x Wall Mounting Kit
KittaParts exploded diagram


Start from the bottom, keep it playful, try a few simple shapes to get a feel for it. The drawing below is just one of many configurations. If you are feeling stuck, try making this first. Start with a medium shelf and thread the dowels marked in grey onto the shelf.

Important - be gentle, the timber threads don't like being overtightened, so twist until firm and secure but no need for heroics; you will strip the threads.

KittaParts assembly

Need more inspiration - here are Nine Ways to Kitta.

Thread Balm

The threads wear-in with use and may be tight in the first few builds. Apply a little Kitta Thread Balm beeswax to each male thread the first time you use them. The threads will thank you for it!

Wall Mounting

We recommend having an appropriately accredited tradesperson fix the KittaParts to a wall using suitable fixing devices to prevent them from tipping over.

Caring for your KittaParts

Visit our Care and Maintenance page to learn about how to look after your new furniture.

We want your feedback!

As always, if you find anything difficult we want to know about it. Same applies if you have any brilliant ideas for accessories, spare parts etc. We are actively developing this system and will be offering more and more parts as time goes by. It's been amazing to see what you create so please send us photos of your configuration or tag @likebuttermelbourne on Instagram and use the tag #kittaparts!