Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️ Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️

An inside look at the products and projects we're cooking up.


We're developing a set of Clip Crates to suit the shelf spacing of our flagship KittaParts shelving system.

Custom Clip Simple Bedside

Want a door instead of another drawer? Arron has just tweaked his own original design to incorporate a hinged door - with an internal shelf for bedside compartments.

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Big River Futura HPL Birch Plywood

We're excited to be using this new material from Big River. European Birch plywood finished on both faces with a premium hard-wearing decorative laminate produced by Egger in Germany. The fine Birch veneer lay-up provides an attractive edge detail, which can be clear finished to emphasise the multi-ply edge detail. Futura HPL is strong and durable, and comes in Black, White and Grey.

Opendesk Studio Desk

Now available in Futura HPL

Like Butter has been a licensed maker of Opendesk products since 2016, check out their full range online and ask us for a quote on any of their designs!


The challenge? Timber dowel is surprisingly inconsistent so making traditional pegboards with pegs in round holes presents a problem when each piece of dowel can vary up to 0.5mm in diameter. The solution! Precision machined threads on both the dowel and panel mean that the pegs always screw in perfectly and won't wobble out! ...

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We're enormously proud of this product and everything that has led to its creation. No time to rest though, product development continues as we iterate on new accessories and further developing the functionality whilst remaining backwards compatible with previous versions so you can continue to expand on your collection of modular parts.

Uses our new threaded timber system - 12 months of R&D

In the running for a Victorian Premier's Design Award 2020

Strong and reconfigurable with a fully modular design