Assembly: KittaParts v2

Note: This assembly guide is an example assembly. You can customise your configuration to suit your space.

1. Start your assembly by threading a dowel into a foot part. This is the standard way to create adjustable feet. The overall size of your configuration will determine the quantity you will need.

2. Place shelf inbetween adjustable feet and thread four medium and two large dowel lengths together to lock in the base shelf.

3. Place a medium sized shelf over the exisitng assembly and place a larger set of adjustable feet.

4. Thread small dowels onto the assembly and place a small shelf over the dowels.

5. Thread four medium and two large dowel lengths into the assembly to lock off the small shelf. Place a medium shelf over the dowels.

6. KittaParts can be configured and adapted to suit your needs.

7. Thread the caps on top of the remaining dowels to complete assembly.

8. Enjoy your KittaParts!

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