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Plyangle Stool


First designed by Like Butter in 2011 to create an affordable range of plywood furniture for the State of Design Festival, these babies have now had over 9 years of ongoing development and improvement. The result? A lightweight piece of furniture with a strong form and a smooth, clear-coat top.

Engineered to get maximum stiffness and strength from a thin panel, much of the material used in the creation of Plyangle is taken from the offcuts from our Crate making. This helps us with reducing material wastage and our aspiration of working towards zero waste.

Designer: Jem Selig Freeman with assistance from Emil Toonen. The first Plyangle pieces were designed and prototyped in our previous workshop in Kensington, Melbourne.

 Typical lead time: 1-2 weeks.

Engineered in 12mm BC Radiata plywood, with a raw, sanded finish on the legs and a smooth, sealed top surface.

372x372x450mm (WxDxH)

Special features
A unique furniture construction method, made in iconic Radiata plywood. This little stool is part of a set, along with the Plyangle Dinner Desk

Made in our Castlemaine workshop by our small team, with the finest quality materials.