Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️ Made in Castlemaine in our solar powered workshop ☀️

Congratulations to our #ireallylikebutter winner

Congratulations to our #ireallylikebutter winner

We love seeing how our products are put to use: how are your KittaParts composed; is it only books on The Shelves or plants and art too; what actually is in your record collection browser? At the end of 2021 we ran a new offer to celebrate and reward our wonderful Butter community. By sharing a photo of the way you use our products you could win a $500 voucher from us. It’s a way to say thanks, and also give insight into the versatility and practically of what we make, and the creativity and ingenuity of our clients and customers.

Congratulations to our first winner – Bek (@yourgirlbook) – who posted an image of her customised 3UR The Shelves full of books, plant and objects.

3UR The Shelves

Each month we are offering another $500 voucher. Simply share a photo of your favourite Like Butter product – it can be something you have already purchased from us, showing the way in which you use it, or if you don’t have any Like Butter products you can find your favourite thing from our website (or online) and post an image of that. Just tag us @likebuttermelbourne and add the hashtag #ireallylikebutter before the end of the month.

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